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Improving Linux support for graphics tablets.

XP-Pen Deco 01 v2 revb

Vendor 28bd XP-Pen Photo
Product 0905 Deco 01 v2 revb
Status Unsupported Specs 10″×6.25″, 5080 LPI, 233 RPS , 8192 PL
Frame controls8 buttons

Xsetwacom reads the dimensions of the tablet resolution at 32767 x 32767, this doesn’t make sense as it’s not square drawing area. uclogic-decode rightly reports 25400 x 15875, which is sensible for a 10 x 6,25 inch Tablet (the proportions match). Also: the top stylus seemingly buttons reports nothing in usb-hid dump, the tablet frame buttons actually do what they should when they are driven with xf86-input-evdev instead of xf86-input-wacom (if that is the driver that actually handles it when nothing else is specified in a manual Xorg config). I also see a UGTABLET “kbd” device show up under xinput –list with this driver. Unfortunately the upper stylus button still does nothing with this driver from cursory testing with xev and xinput test. The Bus ID stays the same while the device ID keeps climbing upon replugging the tablet. I also want to note; that in testing, at times the usb vid:pid went from 28bd:0905 to like 28bd:1227 after running uclogic-probe.