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Improving Linux support for graphics tablets.


We strive to submit all drivers and fixes to upstream projects, including the Linux kernel, xf86-input-evdev and xf86-input-wacom. However, to support people running older software we maintain an out-of-tree kernel driver package.


To make it easier to develop and test new kernel drivers, and to let people running older kernels use their new tablets, we’re maintainig an out-of-tree driver package. It works on v3.5 and later kernels and supports a variety of tablets.

Latest release
digimend-kernel-drivers v11 - Aug 08, 2022


A set of patches adding support for a few tablets to some older Linux kernel versions (see The Linux kernel started supporting out-of-tree HID drivers in v3.5 and patching the kernel to add support for new tablets became a rare necessity, so work mostly moved to digimend-kernel-drivers. Most people don’t need these patches nowadays.

Latest release
digimend-kernel-patches v6 - Sep 8, 2012


A set of patches for very old xf86-input-evdev versions. Most people don’t need them nowadays.

Latest release
digimend-evdev-patches v0.1 - Sep 9, 2010