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Improving Linux support for graphics tablets.



The project has created and is using a number of tools to help with debugging tablet issues and developing new drivers.


A library and a tool for reading, writing and converting HID report descriptors in/between various formats. We use it when fixing tablet report descriptors for consumption by the Linux kernel. Can also be used for authoring report descriptors and converting them to binary as part of a device firmware build. Present in Debian and derived distros.

Latest release
hidrd v0.2.0 - May 27, 2010


A collection of programs for collecting and analyzing diagnostic information from Huion graphics tablets.

Latest release
huion-tools v3 - Oct 14, 2013


A USB HID dumping utility based on libusb 1.0. It dumps USB HID device report descriptors and reports themselves as they are being sent, for all or specific device interfaces. Use it to find out how an input device reports input events. Included in usbutils, which is present in most distributions.

Latest release
usbhid-dump v1.4 - Nov 11, 2014


A very simple utility for dumping input event device streams. Evtest is present in most distributions and is recommended in most cases instead, except when it is necessary to dump several devices at once with one tool.

Latest release
evdev-dump v1.0 - Jul 27, 2010

Live streams

Nikolai Kondrashov streams some of his work on the project to YouTube. View his past recordings on the DIGImend project channel.