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Improving Linux support for graphics tablets.

Waltop Media Tablet 10.6"

Vendor 172f Waltop Photo
Product 0501 Media Tablet 10.6"
Status Supported in:
  • Linux kernel >= 2.6.37 (2000 LPI)
Specs 9″×5.5″, 4000 LPI, 200 RPS , 1024 PL
Sold as
  • Genius G-Pen M609
  • Genius G-Pen M609X
  • iVista Media Tablet 10.6guess
  • Aiptek MediaTablet 10000uguess

There are at least two versions of this model in the wild. They are represented by Genius G-Pen M609 (older version) and Genius G-Pen M609X (newer version).

Both versions have the usual pen with two barrel buttons and two identical wheels with center buttons in the top corners of the tablet base. They also have buttons on the top, between the wheels, for selecting the wheel functions and wide/standard mode. In the wide mode the whole working surface is sensed, in the standard mode a narrower area is sensed, but the logical report extents remain the same. These modes correspond roughly to 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios respectively.

The older version has three wheel function buttons (“scroll”, “zoom” and “volume”) and two separate buttons for wide and standard mode. The newer version has four wheel function buttons (plus “brush”) and only one button is used for selecting wide/standard mode. So, the total number of buttons remains the same, but one of the mode buttons is repurposed as a wheel function button in the newer version.

The wheel functions are:

the wheels act as scroll wheels, the center buttons switch between vertical and horizontal scrolling;

the wheels zoom in/out, the buttons supposedly reset to 100%;

the wheels control the sound volume, the buttons mute;

the wheels are supposed to control brush width in a graphics editor, the buttons do nothing.