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Improving Linux support for graphics tablets.

UC-Logic Tablet WP5540U

NOTE: The DIGImend project maintainer is leaving the project in November 2016. Currently no work on supporting new tablets is done, and user support is done by community only. Replacement maintainers are welcome.
Vendor 5543 UC-Logic Photo
Product 0004 Tablet WP5540U
Status Supported in: Specs 5.5″×4″, 2000 LPI, 100 RPS , 1024 PL, relative mouse
Sold as
  • Trust Stylus Design Tablet / Slimline Design Tablet TB-5300 (#15356)
  • Genius WizardPen 5x4
  • Genius MousePen 5x4
  • Genius EasyPen i405
  • Ugee M540
  • Adesso CyberTablet Z7guess
  • DigiPro WP5540guess
  • Iball Pen Tablet 5540Uguess