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Improving Linux support for graphics tablets.

UC-Logic Wireless Tablet TWHL850

NOTE: The DIGImend project maintainer is leaving the project in November 2016. Currently no work on supporting new tablets is done, and user support is done by community only. Replacement maintainers are welcome.
Vendor 5543 UC-Logic Photo
Product 0522 Wireless Tablet TWHL850
Status Supported in: Specs 8″×5″, 4000 LPI, 200 RPS , 1024 PL, absolute mouse
Frame controls4 buttons ("desktop", "flip 3D", "next page", "previous page")
Sold as
  • Genius MousePen M508W

A patch adding support for this tablet was accepted into 3.5 kernel release.

This tablet has a bug in the default (compatibility) operating mode which is used in the current driver: frame button functions are mixed up. This is to be fixed with a driver using proprietary protocol, which is yet to be fully reverse-engineered.